Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 web trawled videos: Part II - The Girls *Blowout*

While i'd like to believe that most visitors to the Auto Salon go there for the cars, the truth is that a huge number are probably there for other forms of "eye candy". You know what i mean. :) Well, here's a small handful of videos for your viewing pleasure! First off, a nice collection of the ladies. Next up, we have the HINO booth. I personally think that the HINO girls have now totally outclassed those over at AIWA. Have a look. And we applaud this cameraman for his "creative" angles. Bridgestone also had an impressive lineup of ladies. Even Toyo tyres and Goodyear put up some dancing girls. Here's AIWA in comparison. They pretty much just move around and let people take pictures, but they still command an extremely strong following. And at TWS wheels, NISMO and Treasure ONE. Meanwhile over at the event stage. J-LUG is a magazine featuring mostly USDM styled cars, so if you like your ladies on the erm, slightly meatier side... And some other random videos.


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