Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Shots: Sunday ///Morning

Somewhere in the western part of Singapore, i had a small taste of ///M-goodness. A couple of weeks after BMW-SG's visit to the M-showroom, i was invited for a short test of the E92 M3 "Competition" spec. To be honest, the drive was a tad short for me to have a proper impression of the car, but that first throttle down moment had me laughing in joy at how fast this car pulls. I didn't really get to explore the car's handling aspects since most of the drive was kept to the highway, but i can tell you that this DCT equipped box swaps cogs almost as fast as you can pull those levers. The engine noises barking out from the exhausts as the 'M blips down the gears, so very intoxicating.

Hopefully, there'll be another opportunity for a slightly longer drive in the future.


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